Hey there! I’m Ray (a.k.a Muz), and I’m the dev behind TechBlog (pun not intended). Although I’ve been coding for 51.85% of my life, I still find myself learning (and unlearning) new things everyday.

This blog is a collection of my findings, tutorials, best programming practices, and computer-related stuff that I find interesting. The main purpose of this blog is to document my findings so that others can easily find solutions to the technical problems I have encountered.

I started blogging in 2010 on Blogspot (now Blogger.com) while I was in middle school. Unfortunately, I had to stop (and eventually closed the blog) when I began high school in early 2011 due to a lack of time. Fast forward to 2021, I am now done with university and got back to blogging once again - This time on TechBlog.dev !

The first GNU/Linux distro I used was Ubuntu in 2011, but for now I’ve been going with Manjaro as my daily driver since mid-2021. I use a Dell XPS 13 while on the go because of its light weight and great battery life.

I use both Windows and GNU/Linux for development, though I’ve been coding mostly on a Linux machine since 2018. I think both operating systems can provide a great development environment and one does not necessarily have to stick to a particular OS. It all depends on your development scenario and workflow.

I’m experienced in C, C#, and Java, and my favorite programming language is C#. I am also proficient in x86-64 Assembly, C++, JavaScript and PHP, and I’m currently learning TypeScript and Vue.js.

When not writing code, you can find me watching sci-fi movies and TV shows, keeping fit, and reading about the latest breakthroughs in science. Some of the topics that pique my interest are quantum physics, cosmology, and biology.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can read the following:

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